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March 11, 2016

Exploding Box Birthday card tutorial

Exploding box cake card bike ang top  Exploding box cake card bike closed ribbon tied

Morning everyone, how are you all?

This was a recent customers order. My brief was bright, colourful, very special, she likes bike rides on the Tarka Trail, knitting and line dancing. What do you think?

I snapped some photos as I was making it, so that I could share the process with you all, so if you wanted to make your own you could give it a go :)

Making the card:
The first thing I did was get all my materials together (ingredients list at the bottom). I then cut out all of my shapes and layers. I use a mixture of hand cutting and my Silhouette cameo to do the cutting.
Grass strips

Exploding box card Grass strips

Elements that match the theme/brief.

exploding box card elements

My layers, which are the base and the 3 cake sections.

exploding box card multiple sections
The panels for your side flaps.
exploding box card flap panels
I then crease all of the sections on their perforated lines
exploding box card multiple sections creased
And then stick all edges together with a strong glue.
exploding box card multiple sections folded

For thinner elements, where there isn't alot of card either side of the perforated strip, I use a metal ruler against the perforated line, to crease against. This is because you may end up twisting or tearing the smaller pieces otherwise.

exploding box card creasing   exploding box card creased
I then build up my cake tiers, starting with the top (smallest tier) you work your way down. You need to start at the top, or the flaps you need to secure will not be accessible as you work your way through. In this case I was also adding a pop up '80' onto the top tier so this was the first thing i had to do.

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  1. Thanks for this birthday bard tutorial. Liked it a lot and would be making it for my sister’s birthday. She will get married by end of this year and wants a fairy themed wedding at local wedding venues. Hoping to plan everything to perfection.

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