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April 24, 2013


Hello to anyone that has kindly taken the time to visit my Blog.

I am new to all this - Blogs, crafting, tutorials, but they are all things I aspire to become the best I can be at.

I am mum to two beautiful girls, one nearly 18 years old and a one year old!! I work for a transport company and now do just two days a week to be a stay at home mum the rest of the time for my youngest daughter. I have a wonderful husband and we have many animals that are all a huge part of the family.

Just over a year ago i spotted details on the Cricut and thought oooo i could use one of those, I then started to investigate into different cutting machines before spending my hard earned cash and decided a Silhouette Cameo was the machine for me. 
Now up until this point I wasn't crafting, but it was something I wanted to get into as I wanted to try and reclaim some of the wonderful imagination I had when I was a child. 
I also loved the idea of being able to produce beautiful cards made with lots of love and care for friends and family.

I didn't start using it straight away, but once I started I became hooked and am trying my hand at just about anything.
I don't proclaim to be the worlds best at any of it and in fact i am such a newbie to all of this and I realise there is soooo much to learn.

But I thought that if I could do things for the first time and in some cases get some impressive results, then why not share this. It will hopefully inspire any new crafters to give it a go, it will give people a chance to comment on my work and give me some much needed feedback (my daughter and husband just says every things fantastic, but they would say that to even my worst creation, bless them) and who knows it may even give a new insight or idea to even the most seasoned crafter as I have quickly realised there are many different ways to do the same thing. 

I have already added my first photo tutorial, bit long winded (I will work on cutting these down) and my first video tutorial - I wasn't very pleased with the video as I had to sync the sound on later, but I wanted to upload it to youtube, just to get the feel of how youtube works etc and too my surprise people started watching it and have subscribed to my channel!! So I have decided not to take it down, however I would hope my next one will be a great improvement.

I will be adding more tutorials as I go along. These tutorials will be anything from making ribbon or paper flowers, tying different types of bows, different effects and finishes, Stamps and colouring them, stamping techniques and how to use the many features on a Silhouette cutting machine (that can also be applied to similar cutting machines).

I love investigating into things and trying different variations, so you may find reviews on different methods popping up on the site.

I'm very much an 'I want to make everything from scratch' kind of girl (including embellishments)

If I can do it, you can too......

Thanks for visiting

Just an update, my wonderful husband has decided to convert our summer house (which was used for snakes until recently) into a fab craft room for me! Watch this space :)


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