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January 24, 2015


OK OK, so not quite as exciting as it sounds lol, but I'm still super excited. 

As many of you may or may not know I have suffered over the last few years with illness and depression. My depression worsening and lack of mobility at one point, was one of the reasons I found crafting!! I am also finding that depression or health issues, seem to be the reason a lot of people find their crafty little havens :) 

As the expression goes 'I have never looked back' I love it and everything about it, I love sharing and learning and getting to experience all that wonderful creativity out there.

But at present I am signed off from work and not earning a wage :( and so have desperately been trying to turn my love and hobby into something that can perhaps generate a little money to help with the bills. My ultimate goal is also to be demonstrating and teaching in this field (don't laugh! lol) and I am already lucky enough to design for some amazing companies.

Soooooo over Christmas I was selling personalised Christmas sacks and Personalised Family frames, I can't believe how popular they were and it truly has helped boost my confidence which has always been severly lacking. (Thank you to everyone that purchased from me) from there i was encouraged by a few people to start a FB page, which i did, but it's awkward trying to keep track of messages/orders and some people prefer to order through an actual site as such. So again with encouragement from others I decided to look into getting my very own little Etsy shop :) 

Like I said nothing special and not really that exciting hehe, but it's a start right? And it feels like i'm definately starting to take some positive steps towards achieving my goals this year.

Oooohhh and keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks as I have some mega exciting news to share of a trip i will be taking ;p

What have you all been doing as a start to your new years aspirations?

Huge hugs to all and thank you for taking the time to read this

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  1. Fabulous Sam, well done! So pleased you've turned this into a positive new start.
    Happy Crafting
    Long may it continue...Hugs xXx

  2. You go girl! All the very best in your venture! Success is a given!!!

  3. Good luck Samantha, I am sure that it will be a success for you,
    Linda xxx

  4. Sending good wishes to you in your exciting adventure..

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