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April 02, 2015


Wow, i feel like my blog is so neglected at the moment and i've been very bad and haven't been around to visit any others recently either :( I'm missing all that lovely inspiration and gorgeousness and am hoping to correct that very soon by coming by to say hi :) Oooo that rhymes...hehe....

The photos are of a few recent makes for my Etsy store

But things are very busy here, I'm busy beavering away trying to get in stock and make some pieces, ready for hitting the craft/event markets at full force, I mean if i want to do this and earn at least enough to help contribute to the bills and not have to go back to a company that's made me really unwell over the years, then i need to put my all in right? (Thankfully my husband earns enough to pay the majority as I'm not sure how much I will actually be able to make lol!) But we have certainly had to tighten our belts since I've been off from work ill and it would be nice to start bringing in enough to at least ease the pressure a little.

Well that's my update, how are you all? My Etsy store has now started having some craft supplies added to it, knowing how expensive everything is in this addictive hobby of ours, I'm trying to get materials in the cheapest prices possible for crafters :)  More things are being added as regular as possible, watch out for Woodware and Ranger products being added soon too. If there's something in the crafty world you find you use regularly or want to treat yourself too but find its too expensive, let me know and I'll see if i can source it at a lower price for you :)

Fingers crossed I'll be on my blog more regularly soon, but there may be a few changes to it ;p

Hugs to all

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  1. Hi Samantha your creations are gorgeous. Good luck with your new venture. Hugs Jackie

  2. Good to hear from you, your projects are gorgeous and should sell well. I wish you all the best at branching out and am sure it will be a great success. Take care x

  3. You can do it hunnie pie, I have always believed in you xx
    Sandie xx


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