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June 19, 2015


OK so a huge apology that there has been some wait since the date that I should of announced the winner for my last giveaway, but sadly we have had some emergencies with our just turned 3 year old and that put everything on a back seat. We have still have hospital appointments etc, but things are hopefully a bit calmer that things can now start to be caught up with. 

So without further ado, the winner of my last giveaway for a set of these beauties

Is............ Melanie McK


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So here goes, It's time for my latest post for the wonderful Letraset.

I also need to apologise that my colouring isn't quite upto scratch at the moment! Like I say time and time again, what makes you improve is practise, but that also goes the same as, what keeps you colouring nicely is doing it regularly, if you don't, you still understand the principles and so will be better than when you first picked up a colouring instrument, but you're also rusty hehe and your hands and arms won't relax as they should when colouring or you'll end up with very achy arms as your not used to it lol...Ad that's where I am at the moment, with so much going on and a few unwanted events, I kind of lost my colouring mojo and haven't coloured properly in a while. So bear with me while i get my colouring skates back on and try and get back into what I really love :)

Following on from my last Letraset post (which you can find HERE) where I demonstrated how to colour simple folds, using the guidelines already provided by the artist, this time I have shown how to colour slightly more advanced folds, when only a small guideline is provided by the artist.

I have used Sierra from the ArtbyMiran Whimsy rubber stamp collection.

Promarker colours used are listed at the bottom of the tutorial.

As you can see from the first photo, there are a few lines showing where some folds/creases may occur, but no actual artist shading. This gives us a starting point.

Step 1

Step 2
If we were to just add our darkest colours into the creases themselves, that would give us some feeling of depth, but not actually the true feeling of how material would fold/move.

Step 3
 The trick is to also add some of your darker shade UNDER/AROUND your crease or fold, but not directly on the crease line. This will help give the feeling that the material is dipped in (dark in crease) and then falling naturally as the light (not coloured area between the crease and dark colour under it) is hitting the material and then gently falls in again to create another shadow area (the dark tone under, but not directly, on the crease)

Step 4
And all I am doing with each layer is the same way as I normally would colour, adding the next lightest shade of colour directly over and slightly extending it, to soften and move the colour first laid down.

Step 5
Finishing with the lightest shade all over to soften and blend everything, don't worry that it doesn't look that defined yet, as this is just your base layer, and we will repeat the layering process to define it further.

Step 6
 So continue adding your colours again, starting with your darkest and start defining those areas that would be in a shadow.

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9
Again keep adding the next lightest shade over the top and slightly extending it to soften the colour underneath, although don't aim to soften it as much as you did the first time around, as this layer you want to be more defined. 

Step 10
And a final layer of just your darkest few colours, softly, to hold the definition.

Step 11

Step 12

Step 13
If your not happy and want more definition, add more layers, there is nothing stopping you, as long as you are working in one go, so that your ink remains wet and blendable. 

Remember if you want more highlight on your lighter areas, you can use your blender pen to lift a little colour off those areas.

And here is the finished dress area.

Items Used: (Clickable links)
Promarkers (In colour order) Antique Pink, Salmon Pink, Cocktail Pink, Baby pink & a touch of pale pink

             You can view some of my video tutorials on the official Letraset YouTube channel HERE
                                           OR  more on my personal channel HERE

If you want to see this little cutie in full, in her full project, be sure to check out my Artbymiran post next Thursday!

Don't forget to check out the blog for more amazing DT posts.

Thanks for popping in :)

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. Very helpful. I'm happy to hear things are improving with your 3-year-old, be it slowly.

  2. Awesome coloring as always hun!! Love it!!

  3. Glad to hear your 3 yr old is going to be ok....and the parents too lol (I think as parents we take it harder then the child)
    Luv this tutorial!!! the pics are fabulous! I get it now....Thank you for sharing....

  4. Useful and clear tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


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