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March 25, 2016

A house in the clouds...Tutorial

A house in the clouds...Tutorial
Cloud house shelf full

Happy Easter Friday :)

I hope everyone has a fab Easter weekend and don't eat to much chocolate.....not that I will be following my own advice of course hehe...

I wanted to share a recent make with you, It is a house shaped wooden shelf system and it was painted grey with clouds, as a request to match some wallpaper a customer had.

I snapped a few photos of the process to share.

woodhousewide empty
  1.  Take your wooden house shape shelf and paint it the base colour you want. I didn't primer this (paint with a coat of gesso or similar) I just used a couple of coats of the colour i wanted it.  I didn't have a grey paint and was worried that if I mixed my own and needed more for any reason, I wouldn't be able to get the right shade again, so I popped to my local DIY store and got a couple of tester pots in the colour that closet matched the sample paper I had been sent.

.... Please click HERE to see the rest of the blog post and instructions, over on my new blog.

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