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August 13, 2013

IT'S ONLY TUESDAY!!!....................

It’s only Tuesday and I already feel like I need the weekend to be here!
Hope all you crafters out there aren’t wishing your week away like me L

As you know I’m still new to all this and I desperately want to start getting my blog ‘out there’ and get some comments coming in, to help inspire me or point me in the right direction JSo I’m trying to enter some projects into a few challenges. But wow there are a lot of challenges and boy do they come round and go quickly!
I’ve just selected a few, most seem to have a time limit of a week or two, no problems I thought…..I was wrong, sods law we’ve been busy busy busy and I’ve been feeling under the weather, so time has run away yet again.
Now I’m renowned in our house for pulling something together for family cards last minute and I’m going to give it my best shot to do that for some of these challenges, but my ‘pulled together last minute’ cards, aren’t always the best and they are as I said for family….Who are more forgiving….right?
I also don’t really spend the time I want/need playing with different crafty bits and effects and generally what you see on a project at this stage is a first attempt!
My worry is without getting some projects out there, I’ll never get my little blog noticed, but by rushing a few projects, I’ll make my work look even worse than it is!!!……

But I do love crafting and if I don’t push myself to at least do something, I’ll end up spending my time doing even more housework or mummy & wifey bits, rather than anything for me (which is one of the reasons I got into crafting, to make sure I took some me time).
So I started last night and will hopefully finish tonight a card that I can use for a few of these challenges (and that may even double as the second card I need for my sister in law’s birthday) It’s still not finalised and I may change it all over again, but as of late last night, it featured soft pinks, blue/greens and greys and a cute little L.O.T.V Fairy. I’ve also bought and downloaded my first background stamp (from make it crafty) to see how this looks with my little fairy.

Anyway, better get finished off at work….Looking forward to putting my card together later and settling down for some colouring J

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