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July 29, 2014


Well the day is finally here! I'm another year older, scary!!

As some of you will know, we have been having a bit of a rubbish time recently after losing our beloved dog, who has left a huge gap in our hearts after 10 years of fun and licks. So needless to say I am not really in the celebrating mood, however I have decided to try and do a bit of what I love today (crafting) to cheer myself up, as I have not fancied doing any recently :(

So the reason for this post is a bit of celebrating for someone else and that would be the fabulous Mi Ran of ArtbyMiRan - Mi Ran is celebrating her new images, her 2000th sale and her stores one year anniversary :)

Congrats Mi Ran - Check out the online store for a fabby celebration sale - You can find all of the details of the sale HERE don't miss out :)

Here are the newest images to join the ranks, check out the one at the top, notice her name????? :) Yay what a fab birthday presie hehe, not sure how smart I am lol but I love the fact this little lady has been given my name, thanks again Mi Ran, huge hugs :))

Smart Samantha
          Lady Papillon                               Bookaholic Katie

                                  Punkie Pattie                                 Loving Autumn Annie

Thank you for popping by :)

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  1. These are everyone adorable. Love them.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sam!! (I’d sing but I don’t want to scare you!) Hope you have a lovely crafty day despite your sorrow!! Have a good one lovey! xx


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