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March 27, 2015


It's time for my latest post for the wonderful Letraset as most of you know I loooooove my Promarkers so I love doing these posts :) 

However this week I decided to have a little play and do something different. It's not quite finished yet and needs to be added to a project or put in a frame, but what do you think?

I had real fun doing this and really got lost in my doodles. The Letraset Fineliners are perfect for Zendoodling and come in four different sizes (width of nib). They are also great for using with your alcohol markers.

This is really simple to do, yet so effective and can be used as part of a project, on a canvas, in a frame, and more.

The original pictures I had to go with this tutorial are lost :( So I have taken some mock pictures to demonstrate the technique.

1. get your fine liners and a sheet of paper ready

2.On your piece of paper, randomly squiggle without lifting the pen off the page, really random to create something like this.....

3. Start to fill in the sections with different doodles

4. Once every section is filled with a doodle of some kind, start to colour in the sections, keep each section with the same doodles the same colours. 

5. You can add some shade and depth using a few colours like the circles on the right or with one flat colour (like the circles on the left)

6. Once the whole area is covered with coloured doodles, take a mask, any shape of your choice, but make it a solid one. I used a vintage style teapot shape. Place the mask over part of the zendoodle picture where you like the patterns and colours (so these bits you like will be covered by the mask) and then using a dark distress ink (I used black soot) rub off from the edge of the mask onto the outer area of zendoodling until it is all darkened to your liking. 

7. When you then remove the mask, you are left with a gorgeous and colourful object :)
I then used my thickest fine liner to highlight (go over the lines) of each section and then around the outer edge of the object to help it pop that little bit more.

8. You should then be left with something like this......

The card I use for my colouring projects can be found HERE: Marker Card

             You can view some of my tutorials on the official Letraset YouTube channel HERE
                                           OR  more on my personal channel HERE

Don't forget to check out the blog for more amazing DT posts.

Thanks for popping in :)

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  1. Your teapot is amazing - fabulous doodles and colours x

  2. Wow Samantha this is fantastic I love the image you have created. Hugs Jackie

  3. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial, I'm going to pin it for future reference :)


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