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March 08, 2016

Mothers day makes! - Incld. Card tutorial

bouquet stick jan cls  mum card orange butterfly front
I want to share the mothers day bouquets and cards we gave to our mums this year.
I have also shared the process in making the cards and Flower stick 'Mums'
To make some extra special, extra large bouquets for my mum and MIL (and to save spending a fortune on flowers buying pre-made fancy bouquets). I purchased lots of different, various, bunches of flowers and made two large bouquets out of them, here is one of them.
bouquet jan outer
Making the Bouquets:
The vintage style Butterfly wrap was made by myself and Lilly (our 3 year old) to make it extra special :)It was old inner packing material, the type that protects items in their boxes. We stamped the wrap with 2 different sized butterflies from the gorgeous Stampendous Jumbo Butterfly Trio stamp Set and covered the paper in cello wrap. The ink used was an archival ink.

It didn't matter that the paper was a bit wrinkled or that Lilly couldn't quite get the hang of 'keep the stamp still' lol, because it just added to the vintage feel.
The 'Mum' stick (in the flowers), were made from MDF and had my mum and MIL's names down the side.
Here they are in their raw forms after being laser cut.
mum flower stick 1          mum flower stick 2
 I first painted them with a couple of coats of white paint.
mum flower stick both painted

.... Please click HERE to read the rest of this post & view additional photos and the card tutorial over on my new blog.


  1. Gorgeous bouquets of flowers and fabulous cards x

  2. Hi the cards and flowers are stunning. Take care. Hugs Jackie

    1. Thanks Jackie, I hope you are well xx


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