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Butterfly acetate card

Time to make




White embossing powder

8x8 Backing paper/card or hand created background

8x8 Card blank

Flower, handmade or other (mine was handmade from paper stamped with Visible Images Revolution script stamp and then stained with ink, before cutting and gluing)

Shrink plastic

White pigment ink

black archival ink

Visible Image sentiment stamp

8x8.3 Acetate

  1. Cut your backing paper to 8X8 inches
  2. Cut your acetate to 8X8.3 inches
  3. On the longest edge of the acetate, make a score line 0.3inches from the top and go all the way from one side to the other - Fold this over to create a lip
  4. Flatten out the lip on the acetate, so that it can now be laid flat. (This is the top of your card)
  5. Using your Versamark ink, ink up your butterfly INKognito stamp and very carefully and straight place your stamp onto the acetate. Lift the stamp off, in a straight up motion. (The stamp can be stamped wherever you want, I initially put my first one as a whole stamp on the acetate and the rest are randomly fitted in)
  6. Add your white embossing powder and lightly tap off any excess.
  7. Heat set your embossing powder, if you are not using heat resistant acetate, work carefully and quickly, being careful not to melt/warp your acetate.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until you have butterflies heat embossed all over your acetate in a random pattern.
  9. Lay your acetate over your backing paper, work out where there is enough gap to fit your sentiment (preferably off centre) and mark it carefully and lightly on your backing paper. Put the acetate to one side and using your black archival ink and sentiment stamp, stamp your sentiment straight onto the backing paper where marked. Allow to dry
  10. Re-fold the lip on the acetate and add some high tack tape to it, adhere this to the top back of your backing paper, so that the acetate lays inline over your backing paper and you can see your backing paper and sentiment through it.
  11. Put some high tack clear tape along the bottom edge of the acetate and line up and adhere to the edge/bottom of the backing paper. This will create a slight domed area towards the top of your card that adds some depth.
  12. Add your flower on the opposite side to your sentiment in any possible gap that may need filling.
  13. You can leave it at this stage, but I felt there was too much gap around my sentiment so I made a tiny butterfly to pop at the corner to fill this gap.
  14. To make the tiny butterfly, use the same INKognito butterfly stamp to stamp in white pigment ink, onto some shrink plastic
  15. Fussy cut around the butterfly, being careful not to smudge it.
  16. Shrink the plastic, leaving you with a tiny matching butterfly for your card, pop this under the acetate in the domed area next to the sentiment.
  17. Adhere this whole section onto your 8X8 card blank

Top Tips

To help remove any embossing powder that has perhaps gone where you didn't want it and that wont tap off, use a small paint brush to brush it off

Work slowly and carefully with acetate and shrink plastic, so as not to smudge them

You don't have to use pre-made flowers or backing paper - You can make your own

Hot Trend

Brusho's seem to be a hot trend at the moment, so why not use them to make your own background and use colours that compliment or match the embossing powder you will use

Why not try

Why not try different stamps or a mixture of stamps

Why not try a different colour of embossing powder or a mix of colours.

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  1. This is a lovely tutorial, and as soon as I have all the bits I will be giving it a go! I love the one you did here, it really is lovely! Thanks for the link to get here, I really appreciate it and have clicked your link to follow on bloglovin! Now off to look at more of what you have here! ;) xxx


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