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August 02, 2013


Hi everyone, Hope you are well :) Firstly let me apologise for the photos for this card, it was difficult to capture the beauty of the gilded parts, the flash bounced straight off them, but it is such a grey day not using a flash leaves it looking dull :(

So the 'wedding card' I stayed up until late last night (well early hours of this morning!) and got the wedding card done.

I decided to go with something clean and simple (I think you'll notice that theme quite a lot with my cards!) and make it personal.

I did decide to give my gilding flakes a go in the end,  for the first time ever!!

So other than the tiniest circle of double sided, just to see how it goes on and rubs off, this card is my first attempt at using gilding flakes... All I can say is fun, fun, fun. Its a bit messy and you have to do everything verrrrrry slowly so that they don't go everywhere, but they stick like a dream to double sided sheets. You think it looks OK and then you rub it over with a sponge and WOW its beautiful!!

So first I created the Mr & Mrs section using the Silhouette software, it was just single letters in different fonts, scaled to different sizes. I let them overlap a little and then welded them all together to create the 'Mr & Mrs' I then cut this out onto a double sided sheet, stuck it to my card front and applied the flakes :) As you can see the little heart inside the bigger heart was a separate piece, I kept this covered until the end and then used my gold flakes on this bit.

I was going to use Gold gilding flakes on the 'Congratulations' and 'Robertson'  but it was so difficult trying to separate the letters and keep their shape once they were cut from double sided (if I'd had more time and practice I may of managed it) that I instead opted to have my Silhouette sketch the words instead.

I made the insert using the Mr&Mrs the same as the front of the card, but just smaller and lots of them to create an edging

This was the verse I used, they are not religious at all and so I didn't want a religious verse, but I wanted one that did have a bit of meaning to it.
And thats it the card is done, now just everything and everyone else to sort out ready for tomorrow!!! xx


  1. Your Mr and Mrs Creation is great :)
    Like the chic style.

    Thank you for writing a comment on my blog. You are welcome.

    Love, Dunja

    1. Thank you for your kind words Dunja,

      Your creation was fab and I have saved your blog so I can pop back :)


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