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September 18, 2013


Hey everyone, How are you all? I hope you are all well.

I can only apologise that my posts are so few and far between at the moment, I have so much going on at home and work and so much to

But I just wanted to quickly share with you what I have done so far for my eldest daughters birthday cake. She turns 18 this coming weekend and loves pugs!
Large Topper
I wanted to try and make her cake something to do with pugs. 

I was going to bake a cake cover it in buttercream and then either sculpt the buttercream or apply icing and sculpt that. I was so worried the cake may go stale before the weekend. But if I bake it and rest it and then decorate it at the end of the week I just won't have time :(

So I opted to make a cake topper and that way I could do the cake closer to the weekend and plonk the topper on top. 

I did one large topper (approx. 16cm round) for a larger cake and have started some smaller toppers to pop on top of buttercream iced cup cakes (In fact I started with these as a practise, but it means I've made a start on a batch I'll do for a batch of cupcakes).
Large Topper

Large Topper

They by no means look like the pug i was aiming they at least resemble a dog!!

I could find no tutorials on pug cakes, so this is what i've got :p 

Cupcake Topper

Cupcake Topper

Cupcake Topper

Cupcake Topper
They are all made out of regal icing. I used white icing and brown food colouring to get the tan colour and brown. I used black icing for the black parts, and for the little tongue on the big topper I used white icing with a little red food colouring.

I used a cocktail stick for any of the lines etc and it was basically roll, shape and put on!

The brown behind the Large topper is not part of it and is just baking paper, to help me move it around easier :)

Large Topper

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Wow Sam, you did really well with your Pug Toppers! They are so cute, and yes they do look like pugs. I hope she has a fantastic Birthday! x Hugs Julie

    1. Thanks millions Julie. I'm just glad this is one thing less to do

  2. Hello Jay! Joanne here. I finally got the time to visit the blogs of my sister DT's from DDCC. So much to catch up on! I love your cake, so adorable! Your daughter is going to LOVE it! I so enjoyed looking at your work. Your creations are lovely! I am feeling a bit intimidated by all that I have seen on all the blogs, lol! I hope I can keep up! Looking forward to knowing you better and working with you! Hugs, Joanne

  3. Sam,
    Your pug cake creations are so much more than fantastic! Congrats on finding a way to make your bigger "little" princess's wishes come true for her cake. Looks like the day the littler princess spent with the Grandparents really paid off! Now, how's the rest of that mile long to-do list coming along?
    I have no doubt that you'll be able to check each of the items off that list. Perhaps a bit frazzled at the end of it all. Frazzled but satisfied that YOU did it!
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  4. Sammm~ is it the Pug cake you told earlier? Wawww! What a great job you've made, dear! Sure your daughter will love it <3 you should spare me some if I were there. LOL

    Hugs, Mikha


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