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October 19, 2013


Well it's late Friday evening here in the UK, but I haven't posted for a few days so wanted to just pop along to say Hi to everyone and let you know about my week!

Well the week started off badly when my eldest daughter had a car accident. Thankfully it was low speed and apart from a few minor injuries everyone involved was alright. We've had a few backwards and forwards visits between the doctor and the hospital as the main issue is her wrist (which she thinks she braced on the steering wheel during impact). But fingers crossed she will be on the mend soon.

The end of the week has finished much much better with another very happy smiley and excited me, as I have been invited to become a DT member over at the wonderful Milkcoffee, I am over the moon excited :)

 If you haven't visited them yet go take a look, Esme and Nana are two very talented ladies, their digi's are gorgeous and I want to colour everyone of them...hehe.....

You can find the challenge blog HERE and the current challenge is Spots and Dots why not join in? Don't forget to check out the wonderful DT work whilst you are there ;p

And you can find the shop HERE, Why not take a peek....Don't blame me if you get hooked though...hehe....

I will update you when I know my first challenge date, but expect to see some of their images popping up on here before then as I can't wait to get creating ;)

Thanks again to Nana, Esme and all the team for giving me this wonderful opportunity, I truly am honoured :)

Hugs to all


  1. Congratulation, Sam!!! You deserve good news after that bad accident. Thank God your daughter only got minor injuries :) Hope she's ok by now :) :) hehe xx
    Can't wait to see your creation! :D Sorry I'm not around lately. Really busy with working life. LOL.

    Hugs from Surabaya,
    Mikha x

    1. Thanks Mikha :)
      She's getting better each day. Glad to have you back around :) how's your new job going? x

  2. Hope your daughter recover very soon Samantha! Crossing all of my fingers and toes! :)
    And welcome to our DT, hope we could have fun together here :D

    Nana xx


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