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October 23, 2013


 OK so this is a bit of a is the pumpkin I did for last year ;p

Everythings been so hectic around here, working lots of overtime, you probably read in an earlier post my eldest was in a car accident (only minor injuries thankfully) and my youngest has now been unwell for a few days :(

Roll into that, lots of exciting new DT projects i'm working on, my anniversary and my husbands birthday and its meant time has flown by without me posting again...Argghh!!

So for now here's a glimpse at last years pumpkin, I really hope I get time to do a couple more for this year, as the trick or treaters loved it and I was so proud with how it had turned out. :)

It was difficult to get photos with the light glare!



  1. Hi Sam! :D
    This is really a cute pumpkin :D is that a lantern or what? My country dont celebratr halloween, so I have no idea lol
    But that timid dog is super cute xx hehehe

    1. Hehehe, hugs Mikha :)

      This is a pumpkin, the kind you can eat, I scooped all the insides out and then cut the image (scooby doo dog) into the side. Popped a candle inside and it creates a kind of lantern yes :)

      We don't celebrate halloween as much as say, America in the UK. But we do celebrate it a bit and I love putting things up in the front window like this for halloween, so that all the trick or treaters know to stop at our house, as I love seeing all the kids (especially the little ones that look so cute) in their halloween costumes x

  2. This is really cool Sam & love the fact that you have been able to use it again this year :) I haven't cut out a pumpkin in years & miss Halloween in the UK but I have always encouraged my kids to go trick n treating :) Its not a big celebration in Oz but it's not unheard of either. Happy Halloween honey x Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Lisa.

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  3. he he he what a fantastic pumpkin :-))
    Hugs, Andreja

  4. Haha excellent! All I managed last year was the typical face, mind it was my first first pumpkin carving go! this year I plan to 'Picasso' the crap out of it! lol! x


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